gallery Geoffrey Lower reel&clips reviews resume&contact home                          “ Happy Ending”
“Geoffrey Lower is delightful as their loutish grandkid. He not only looks good but acts well, too. He is a strong presence and interacts convincingly and comfortably with Donat and Seldes.”  - Chestnut Hill Local

“Geoffrey Lower’s Spencer is more vital and lively than one might expect from a man failing in both his life and career, but his energy at least offers the welcome illusion that something is happening on stage.”   - The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The plausible, but not very compelling, romantic subplot gives handsome, high-energy Geoffery Lower some endearing moments.”    - Jewish Times

“I find it hard to imagine that the author/director could hope for any more than this cast gives. Geoffrey Lower turned in an energetic and convincing performance as Spencer.”   
                                                                                                              - Bensalem Bullet

“Geoffrey Lower’s portrayal of Spencer Drew was fresh and delightful and added much to Mr. Kanin’s production. He has performed with the New York Shakespeare Festival and Pendragon Theatre Company. He will soon be seen in a new film entitled, “A Week In the Country.”    - Bristol Pilot

                     “ The Glass Managerie”
“Geoffrey Lower, who plays her overburdened son, Tom, does so with a convincing combination of resigned responsibility, total frustration and humor…he is portrayed so realistically by Lower that the audience forgets he is acting.”   
                                                                                  - The Courier Times, Bucks County, PA

“This production benefits especially from the return of Geoffrey Lower, who co-starred in last season’s premiere of the Garson Kanin comedy “Happy Ending”. Mr. Lower is compelling as Tom, the son of a faded Southern belle and an absent father, who struggles against the chains of family, only to find that he can never break completely free. Invested with an artist’s vision, Tom is by turns pensive and angry, exasperated and tender – and Lower is convincing at every step.”   - Levittown Express, Buck County, PA

        “Merchant of Venice “  (Shakespeare Theater at Folger)
“Geofrey Lower’s Bassanio is properly square-jawed and likeable.”   
                                                                                           - The Washington Times
“Merchant of Venice “ ( Old Globe Theater San Diego)
 “…and a handsome Bassanio in Geoffrey Lower who knows how to react, from the outraged tears of a frustrated friend to the sickly smile of a husband in trouble.”  
                                                                                                         - The San Diego Union

“The Taming of the Shrew”  (Shakespeare Festival/LA)
“Lower is the standout member of the cast, playing Petruchio with wily intelligence and unforced humor.”   - The Los Angeles Times

“…we are in upscale, beachfront L.A., realm of the rich and famous, where surfer dude Petruchio (played with cowabunga zest by Geoffrey Lower) has come to wive it wealthy.”                                        

“The Taming of the Shrew” (Colorado Shakespeare Festival)
“On his own, Geoffrey Lower is a wonderful Petruchio: athletic, clever, virile and good-humored. After worming his way into Padua’s good graces with charm and panache, Lower reveals a more dangerous side to Petruchio’s personality. As he schemes to drain the fight out of his wife, the actor raves and brays like a crazy man in a Monty Python sketch.”   - Denver Post

The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial”
“Geoffrey Lower lends a frat-boy charm to the attorney general.”    - Variety

“The Merry Wives of Windsor”
“Lower’s Ford combines iambic pentameter with conversational ease and splenetic impact.”   - The Los Angeles Times

“Much To Do About Nothing”
“Big, brash Geoffrey Lower is Benedick.”   - The Los Angeles Times

“Riding the crest of all the shenanigans is the hilarious, barbed relationship of Leonato’s wasp-tongued niece Beatrice (Stephanie Erb) and Claudio’s friend, the erudite, confirmed bachelor Benedick (Geoffrey Lower), who give new meaning to the term “love/hate relationship.” Resembling a more sophisticated “Taming of the Shrew” Kate and Petruchio, Erb’s Beatrice and Lower’s Benedick burrow into each other’s psyches with perfectly timed, mischievous repartee.”   - Variety

“Only one player in the languid love games does the comedy justice: Geoffrey Lower’s Claudio, smitten by Leonato’s daughter, Hero (Deirdre Imershein), and always in need of a little help to get through the courtship.”   - Los Angeles Times

“Lower is a brilliant Claudio. Sadly, this is a part usually given to unsubstantial young actors. Lower offers a carefully crafted performance of silly love, offended male hubris and bitter contrition.”   - Daily News